How many Countries use Paytm?

Paytm has a massive impact on the people’s lives in India. And not just India, many countries use paytm now to carry out the transactions. The change from the old “pay by cash” ritual to digitization seemed very difficult from the start.

An Indian boy from Aligarh, Vijay Shekar Sharma, has made it possible to gain people’s trust and shift the entire paradigm of cash-minded India to digital payments.

Since 2010, Paytm has enhanced its banking technologies and attracted many people to join one common goal, Digital India. Paytm operates under an Indian firm One97 Communications.

It offers its customers a fully functional marketplace online. Users can play paytm casino games, book movie tickets, book a flight, recharges their prepaid or postpaid phone number, and pay electricity, metro, gas, and water bills.

The transactions offered by Paytm are instant, and you can do any transaction within a few minutes and with minimal effort. And that very feature has led to many countries using paytm these days. 

Paytm global – Countries Using Paytm

Paytm is available for citizens from India, Canada, and Japan. Paytm Canada offers people to make online payments to more than 5000 payees in Canada. You can pay your credit card bills and property taxes using Paytm Canada.

Not just Canada, there are similar many more countries that use paytm. It has successfully launched itself in Japan by the brand name PayPay, a joint venture that includes Paytm, SoftBank, and Yahoo Japan. PayPay in Japan built itself from scratch with an Indian technology and mindset.

PayPay has more than 25 million users in Japan, which is continuously increasing every year. The following game plan for PayPay is to move into insurance and credit banking.

Paytm has won many awards on a global level due to many countries using paytm. Forbes has rewarded Paytm with the startup of the year award in 2016.

ASSOCHAM National E-Summit has recognized Paytm as the best digital service payment bank. And now you can also see how many countries use paytm for their daily transactions.

how many countries use paytm

Paytm Investors

Investors funding in the goal of Paytm are AGH Holdings, SAIF Partners, Berkshire Hathaway, SoftBank, T Rowe Price, and Discovery Capital.

Paytm seem to have a massive amount of investors showing interest in the company. People are always ready to sign a big paycheck to invest in Paytm. Paytm found Vijay Shekhar Sharma to look up to many successful personalities like Warren Buffet, Jack Ma, and Masayoshi Son.

It claims that there is no plan for IPO for about a few years. The company will stay private, and it requires a lot of preparation to stand for IPO.

What does the future hold for Paytm?

After a successful launch of Paytm Canada and PayPay in Japan, Paytm is figuring out its business needs and decide what the best for the brand is. In the next few years, the plan is for many more countries to use paytm for transactions. 

Paytm will raise their investors once their board comes to peace with a specific growth decision. It planned to launch itself globally up to 16 countries offering the same digital payment services globally.

It also has a long work project with Alipay to launch globally and grow internationally and acquire global acceptance for this most rewarded and loved Indian brand.


The journey from a startup to a global has not been easy for Paytm. They always kept on excelling new level of technology and user satisfaction.

Today, more than 126 million people use Paytm in their daily life, with many countries using paytm for their daily transactions. 

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