Paytm – Which Country Owns This App?

Paytm has significantly revolutionized the phase of online payment in India. Every Paytm user will agree that using Paytm has been completely simple and straightforward.

Over the years, Paytm has integrated itself into almost everyone’s life. Paytm has completely changed the conventional way of money exchange in India. The amazing transformation from the physical exchange of money to online payments is impressive.

Now Paytm users can buy groceries, vegetables, or anything available in the market and do not have to take out a single piece of money from the pocket. Same goes with Paytm casino sites as well. Paytm transactions are enough!

Paytm Origin

This platform is a fully functional online e-commerce payment service founded by Vijay Shekar Sharma in 2010. It is owned and operated by Indian firm One97 Communication Ltd, in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Paytm has excelled over the years in its online services. It offers you to make online payments, book train and bus tickets, recharge your DTH, prepaid, postpaid number, pay electricity, gas, water bills.

Paytm dominates almost 85% of payments held in the traditional markets in India. Seven million merchants offer their customers to make payments via QR code.

Over the years, Paytm has contributed to many important events like Uttarakhand Flood Relief, PM Care Fund, COVID-19 relief, etc. It has also extended its services by integrating with CitiBank and offering users amazing offers of Paytm First Credit Cards.

Paytm Chinese Association

Paytm has been one of the most important pioneers to raise Digital India. Even though Paytm is an Indian company, their majority of investment funding comes from Chinese firms. Ant Financials is one of such Chinese firm associated with Alibaba Group, and it is the world’s top high-valued FinTech firm with annual revenue of $150 million.

Though there have been many speculations and conspiracies about the Chinese investment in Paytm and Chinese peeking into Indian data, the sole and whole-hearted truth is Paytm is entirely originated and operated by an Indian firm.

Paytm has many investors like Alibaba Group, SAIF Partners, Sapphire Ventures, Ratan Tata, Mountain Capital, and Berkshire Hathaway. The association with multiple partners has helped Paytm founders expand the brand in the entire world.

Even though Chinese investors own 40% of Paytm stakes, all the speculations about data preach are wrong. And let’s face it, a company needs investors to grow and expand.

Hence, Paytm is a 100% Indian brand with global funding from investors around the world.


Paytm is inspired to make digitization normal in India. An Indian founded the brand, and hence it has in-grown knowledge of how payments and money exchange happens in daily life.

Paytm has not worked on the superficial level. It has gone into the depths and rooted into the hearts of Indians. Paytm has achieved an exceptional level of introducing digital payments in daily life, which is quite tricky, especially in India.

Apart from offering digital payment, it has also expanded itself to such an extent that almost every digital payment service can be found on Paytm, including the paytm betting sites too.

Paytm Cashback rewards are super exceptional, and most importantly, payments offer cashback and rewards on every payment you make to a merchant. We will let you discover the extent of fantastic cashback you can receive using Paytm.

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