Where to Find Paytm UPI ID?

Paytm has provided BHIM UPI payment option to its users with the simple goal of attracting the majority of users who prefer doing UPI transactions via Paytm. But how you can find Paytm UPI ID? Read on to know about this.

Paytm offers users to make their Paytm BHIM UPI on the mobile app. The BHIM UPI ID generated via Paytm will most probably have your mobile number in the id. You are allowed to link different savings accounts to your BHIM UPI ID.

Paytm BHIM UPI Users can send or receive payments almost instantly, and the money directly goes to their bank account. There is no need to wait for approval or to add a beneficiary beforehand. Using this UPI, you can then enjoy playing on paytm casinos or carry out other sorts of entertainment activities.

What is BHIM UPI?

BHIM UPI, also known as Unified Payment Interface, offers users to pay almost instantly to the receiver. And the money is transferred directly between two accounts.

Many small-scale businesses and merchants accept UPI payments from their customers because of the ease and security offered by UPI.

UPI ID is a unique identification number that you need to create to make transactions via UPI. Once you have created a UPI ID and successfully linked it to your account, all you need to do is share your UPI address to receive payments.

Paytm allows its users to enter the UPI address of the receivers and then automatically display the receiver’s registered name. Money received via UPI directly gets credited to your account.

How to Create a UPI ID?

Paytm has a BHIM UPI section that offers you to make your Paytm BHIM UPI ID. The app will ask you to share your mobile number so that it can verify your account details.

Once you are successfully verified, you will have your own Paytm BHIM UPI ID with your mobile number, like [email protected] In 99% cases, you don’t have to find Paytm UPI ID, since that would be your [email protected] Users who do not want their mobile number visible with their UPI ID can edit it as per their preference.

You can link your Paytm UPI ID to multiple bank accounts and use a single ID for transactions from different bank accounts.

If you cannot create a UPI ID on Paytm, make sure you have entered the registered mobile number.

You can transfer up to ₹1 Lakhs per day using Paytm BHIM UPI Transactions as per Indian Government Regulation. Ensure that your bank account is UPI enabled, and if it’s not allowed for UPI payments, you can contact your bank for assistance.

Paytm UPI ID Security Measures?

Paytm has an extensive algorithm to provide you secure transaction experience. Hence, Paytm verifies your login on a different device by sending a verification code to your registered mobile number.

Paytm BHIM UPI Services keeps a record of each transaction; hence, a transaction fails, and money seems debited from your account. You do not need to make a fuss over the debited amount because you will receive a refund in 7 – 10 days.


Paytm BHIM UPI has made the payment procedure super simple. We believe that Paytm has provided one of the most straightforward procedures to create a BHIM UPI ID and do easy transactions.

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